What Is Colocation? | Drawbacks And Benefits Of Colocation

Been wondering what is colo? Well, it is an abbreviation of colocation. Still wondering what is colocation exactly and how it actually works? Our article explains the businesses uses of colocation services. Keep reading to find out what exactly is colocation and benefits of colocation to your websites. Businesses On Running A Data Centre Building […]

What Is Cloud Computing And How Does It Work?

Wondering what is cloud computing and how it actually works? Whether you are already doing business online or just getting started, you will definitely need to learn more about the basic principles behind cloud computing. Our article explains the businesses uses of cloud computing in simple terms. What Is Cloud Computing In Simple Terms? Cloud […]

Connecting To Your Windows VPS

When you ordered a Windows VPS, the server is available 10 minutes after payment. You can do remote like this: NOTE: If you ordered your Windows VPS during Thai office hours, then probably we already configured your VPS. You can then skip the steps below. You can check that by starting Remote Desktop on your […]

A Complete Guide To VPS Web Hosting

What is web hosting? This is a common question among those thinking of launching their own website for the first time. Very often, they receive a simplified answer that only focuses on shared hosting. This is somewhat understandable, as shared hosting solutions are the most popular offering on the market and meet the needs of […]

What Is The Difference Between Shared, VPS And Dedicated Hosting?

Choosing between shared, VPS and dedicated hosting is a major decision for any new website owner. No business can ever reach its full potential without an online presence. In fact, a website can be a viable business model on its own. You can always switch between hosting types later, but it’s far better to choose […]

What Is VPS Hosting Used For & What Can I Do With It?

Heard about VPS or virtual private servers but not sure what they are and what you can do with one? Our latest blog post gives you all the information. What Is VPS? A Virtual Private Server (VPS) is one of the hosting choices at your disposal when you set up a website. For those who […]

6 Reasons To Use VPS Hosting For Forex Trading

Like any Forex trader, you are probably always looking for ways to improve. While investigating new strategies and techniques is never a bad idea, it is also important to consider the tools that you use to carry out your trades. Specifically, how do you access your trading platform? If you aren’t already using a virtual private […]

Linux VPS Vs. Windows VPS: Which Is Right For You?

Introducing The VPS VPS stands for virtual private server. It is one of the most popular account choices for individuals and companies to host their websites because as an account type it offers the user much more freedom than a shared account. Shared accounts are a base level account that comes with unlimited resources and the […]